4 Things You Should Know Before Hiring An Architect



4 Things You Should Know Before Hiring An Architect


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If you’re in the market for an architect to spearhead your next build, extension or renovation, it can be very costly to do so without knowing exactly what you’re getting into. 

People have expectations about what an architect can do for them that are far from what they can actually do and these misconceptions mean you risk not getting the most out of your investment.

Let’s clear up some of the most common misconceptions customers have before they start working with an architect:



Expectation: Architects Just Need To Know How To Draw

Reality: Architect’s Don’t Even Draw Anymore!

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Yes, design always involves some creativity and artistic flair, but it’s far from the only attribute that you want to look for in an architect.   

These days the use of computer aided design (CAD) has done away with the need for a pen and paper. What hasn’t changed with the advent of technology is that Architects need to have sound geometry skills.

Also just as important is the necessary project management and people skills to effectively see through an entire project from the blueprint to the finished product. 



Expectation: Architects Work Alone

Reality: Architects Can’t Build Their Designs All By Themselves!

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Architects will have a trusted network of professionals such as builders they are confident to call upon to make their design come to life. 

These staff will know the architect and their designs well and have a good working relationship, driving the project as a cohesive unit.  

Architects take the time to surround themselves with capable staff so that the project can be handled in the most efficient way possible, saving customers time and money. 



Expectation: Architects Don’t Consider Your Budget

Reality: They’ll Squeeze Every Penny


There it is again…The perception of architects being artists who want every project to be a grand design at whatever it may cost. 

Not all architectural projects are about grand designs. In reality, an architect’s first concern is to not only work with the budget that the customer as set forth, but maximise the value they will get out of what they are paying. 

Architects will ask the customer what their ‘wish list’ for their dream home is and coordinate the expenses within their budget. It may be an arduous process, but at the end it will be worth it, and that extra time spent consulting with an architect will add bonus value to the end result. 


Expectation: All Architects Are Created Equal

Reality: Some Architects Are More Equal Than Others


There are many different kinds of architecture that architects specialize in such as commercial, residential and green design. So when looking for an architect make sure you limit your search to those who have experience in your category. 

Architects will also have different approaches to their work, which as you know should know is all-encompassing and includes project management and customer service just as much as it does design. 

I specialize in residential designs and am committed to offering sound advice to guide you along the journey to your dream home, extension or renovation. If you’d like to see how we can make your dreams a reality, contact us today.